Mold Removal in San Antonio, Kerrville and The Hill Country

Buildings with mold contamination have been linked with a variety of health issues. When it comes to mold remediation, swift response from professionals is essential to keeping the impact to health and property from escalating. Certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification, Steamatic of San Antonio has the expertise to test your home or business for mold and to restore your structure and its contents to its original condition.

Why Steamatic of San Antonio?

  • A Trusted Name – We have extensive experience working with insurance companies.
  • High Standards – We only use the highest quality equipment and technology, including superior HEPA filtration.
  • Specialized Infection Control – We decontaminate mold, both seen and unseen, in a variety of clinical environments.

Our Mold Mitigation Expertise Includes:

  • Moisture source identification
  • Mold growth evaluation
  • Mold damage containment
  • Mold contamination removal
  • Moisture removal for future mold prevention
  • Property restoration to pre-loss condition

Cutting-Edge Mold Removal

Left untreated, mold can have a negative impact on your health and property. Steamatic of San Antonio is IICRC-certified  in mold remediation, using only the best practices and most cutting-edge equipment and technology to restore your structure and belongings to their original state. A trusted name in mold remediation, we have extensive experience in working with insurance companies, as well as decontaminating a variety of clinical environments.

Mold Removal by Steamatic

  • Inspection and Assessment – We will consult with you or your insurance company and take an assessment of the damage. This includes taking a measure of moisture levels and assessing if loss has occurred, the cause of loss and how to remediate. You will be given a Scope of Work and cost estimate, which must be approved before we get started.
  • Containments, Health & Safety – Using containment barriers, we will prevent the spread of mold to other parts of your structure. To remove airborne spores during the mediation process, the area will be treated with negative pressurization using HEPA filtration.
  • Structure – Our first priority is to stabilize your home or business to control moisture levels. Next, our technicians will clean, sand and HEPA vacuum away mold throughout the structure.
  • Contents – Any items that need further attention will be sent to our Steamatic of San Antonio treatment facility. After they have been clean and restored, they will be returned to the structure once it is ready.
  • Air System – If our team find microbial froth on your air system, we will use our proprietary technology to clean the area using an anti-microbial cleaning agent.
  • Clearance Testing – Environmental testing is conducted, after which time your structure is turned over to your general contractor for reconstruction.
Steamatic Restoration and Cleaning

About Mold Contamination

Indoor mold is caused by too much moisture in the air for too long of a time period. It may be a pipe that has leaked over a long period of time or a sudden pipe burst – the underlying cause is the same: moisture.

With the majority of health issues tied with the mold being allergy-related, visiting the general doctor is your first step if you think you have been impacted. That said, mold contamination should never be ignored – as soon as it has been detected, prompt remediation is essential.

Mold Remediation Facts

  • Mold in the home or business is caused by too much moisture or humidity for an extended period of time. This can be caused by a sudden event such as a pipe burst or a chronic condition such as a leaky roof.
  • Allergies are the top health condition tied to indoor mold. If you are concerned about mold exposure, first visit your general or family doctor to determine if a specialist is required.
  • Mold has also been tied to a variety of respiratory issues, including asthma and hypersensitivity pneumonitis, which can evolve into more serious issues.
  • There are more than 150,000 different types of indoor and outdoor molds. Identifying which kind of mold isn’t as important as addressing the source and eliminating the threat.

If you identify mold in your home; do not panic. If you are concerned about your health, visit a doctor. If you are concerned about your property, call Steamatic of San Antonio – we’re here to help!

Homes and workplaces with mold have been tied to a number of health issues, mostly allergies. However, in the worst cases, people can experience detrimental respiratory problems. The key to mold is early detection and swift removal to control the impact to health and property.

Responding to Indoor Mold

While it’s tempting to getting a structure tested for mold, all mold is addressed the same and a simple cotton swab test can help you differentiate between mold and dust. To determine whether you have a mold infestation, dip a cotton swab in a mixture of 1 part bleach with 16 parts water. Apply the swab to the affected area and look for lightening or recurring spots – these are signs of mold.

Once you have identified the source and halted the moisture, mold removal by certified experts would be your next step. The important thing to remember in a mold situation is not to panic. If you are a home or business owner concerned about violating mold regulations, check out these resources by the Texas Department of State Health Services.

Steamatic Restoration and Cleaning

Mold Remediation Tips

  • Mold should never be ignored. If you think you have a mold problem, it is important to identify the cause of the moisture and address it.
  • Beware of plumbing leaks; this could be the source of your mold. If you see water near pipes, check around for issues. You also can keep an eye on your water bill for unexplained spikes in usage.
  • To determine if you are looking at dirt or mold, dip a cotton swab in 1 part bleach, 16 parts water and dab on the wall. Spots that quickly lighten or return after cleaning are typically signs of mold.
  • If you are a renter experiencing mold issues, the Texas Department of State Health Services does not conduct investigations on these incidents. For more information, check out their page.
  • If you are a property owner and are concerned that you may be in violation of building codes, check out these Texas mold rules and regulations.

Have more questions about mold remediation? Call Steamatic of San Antonio and speak to an expert today!

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